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Information service

Provided by jointing New Territories Media and cultural media enterprise
1. Market-oriented open trading platform
2. Operate the information interaction platform
3. Supply chain software development
4. Information consulting services
5. Market research and analysis
6. Advertising
7. Brand agency
8. Customized information management system

Trade services

1. Purchasing goods as agent
2. Sales agent
3. Trade Broker

Legal services

1. Customized legal counsel
2. Draft \ review all kinds of contract legal documents
3. Acting as agent for business negotiation and drafting negotiation outline
4. Agency contract dispute mediation \ arbitration \ litigation
5. Legal and regulatory assistance
6. Send letters on behalf of lawyers
7. Undertake the whole process service of economic cases
8. Consultation on international trade laws and regulations, import and export laws and regulations

Financial services

1. Handle bank acceptance bills
2. Agent to pay taxes
3. Finance lease
4. Account factoring
5. Issuing letters of credit

Supply chain services

1. Freight forwarder customs clearance
2.Warehousing logistics,which owns Xinjiang polymerization Tongda logistics service company
3. Acting for commodity inspection
4. Execution of procurement


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Online Service